Circle of Grace


The Safe Environment curriculum will include information on teaching children how to be safe, protect themselves, and communicate any potential danger of physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse.  The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has mandated that The Circle of Grace curriculum be taught in all grades, Pre-K through 12th Grade. 

Parents are able to view all Safe Environment curriculum material before it is taught in the classroom.  The curriculum is available in the office of the Director of Religious Education.  A waiver form must be signed if parents do not want their children to participate in any activity sponsored by St. Paul the Apostle Parish.  Safe Environment policies will be strictly followed and enforced. 


Program Goal

The goal of the Circle of Grace program is to educate and empower children and young people to actively participate in a safe environment for themselves and others.

Program Objectives

Children/young people will understand they are created by God and live in the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • God is “present” in everyone’s Circle of Grace,

Children/young people will be able to describe the Circle of Grace which God gives each of us.

  • God helps us to know what belongs in our Circle of Grace.

Children/young people will be able to identify all types of boundary violations.  

  • God helps us know what does not belong in our Circle of Grace.

Children/young people will demonstrate how to take action if any boundary is threatened or violated. 

  •  God helps us know when to ask for help from someone who we trust