Welcome new officers

We like to wish welcome and good luck in the up coming year to our new officers.

Knights of Columbus Council 16214

The Knights of Columbus meet the First Tuesday of each month in the Donley Meeting Room in the Parish Hall at 7pm.  All men are welcome to join as long as they are a Practicing Catholic age 18 or older.  The Knights of Columbus are a Fraternal Organization that supports the Parish Priest and the Parish.  If you have any questions contact Grand Knight Robert Warner at 405-585-9534.

Knight Officers

Grand Knight            Robert Warner        405-585-9534
 Deputy Grand Knight  Jeff Lucsch 405-760-9241
Chancellor  Vernon Hughes  405-672-6107
 Recorder  John Atkinson  405-670-4956
 Treasurer  Edward Graham 405-615-2908
 Advocate  John Inman  405-672-1874
 Warden  Hank Salazar  405-737-2484
 Inside Guard  Vetoe Hentz  405-737-0857
 Outside Guard  Jason Coats  409-466-2864
 1 year trustee  Abram Hernandez  405-361-9840
 2 year trustee  Bernardo Contreras  405-550-4547
 3 year trustee  Frank Barta  405-474-5927
 Chaplain  FR. Joseph Sundar    405-609-0891
 Lecturer  Deacon John Page  405-677-7620